Hikes selected for you

Contemplation’s hike (Sentiero della contemplazione)
Dagro - Gordone - Monda - Ticiàl - Ciavasch - Dagro
Height difference – 200 m, approximately 2 hours, T1

An easy hike amongst the shade of the fir trees and the stillness of the isolated mountains, that are facing the uneven peaks of the valley.

Old pastures’ hike (Sentiero dei vecchi alpeggi)
Dagro - Cascina di Dagro - Ape Prou - Alpe Ciou - Cascina di Dagro - Dagro
Height difference – 600 m, 6 hours, T2

Leaving behind the pastures of Dagro, the easily accessible path takes you in a fir and larch forest up to the high mountain pastures of Prou, where you can relax yourself in the old mountain lodge now converted to an alpine hut, surrounded by the stunning alpine scenery.

Valley hike (Sentiero delle Ville)
Dagro Ciavasch - Anzano - Dandrio and back
Height difference – 150 m, 4 hours, T1

This pleasant and scenic walk follows the paved road, allowing you to go back in time as you visit the most important historical village centres of the valley.

Mountains’ hike (Sentiero dei monti)
From Dagro to the Capanna Quarnei
Height difference – 700 m, approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes, T2

A beautiful walk through pastures, mountains, fir and larch forests, complete with a number of information boards describing the flora and fauna of the region.

Glacier’s hike (Sentiero dei ghiacci)
From Dagro to the Capanna Adula
Height difference – 1’400 m, approximately 7 hours, T3

This hike can be split into two parts, staying for one night at the Capanna Quarnei.
An infinite amount of natural environments come in quick succession while you walk, and enable the hikers to grasp the true high mountain spirit, incredibly close to the eternal snow of the Adula, the highest peak of the Canton of Ticino.