Accommodation and Restaurants

Authentic flavours

Polenta, alpine pasture cheeses and cold cuts are the typical dishes that distinguish the traditional cuisine of the region, which also benefits from some elements of the Mediterranean cuisine, thus influencing the ticinese culinary tradition. All kind of cheeses, “foragelle”, ricotta and other alp products can be purchased directly from the producers at the mountain pastures Rossino and Pozz.


Ristoro Sass Malt
Number of seats: 35, number of beds: 10

Altitude: 1,400 metres above sea level
Location: Malvaglia Valley
Map: 1:25.000, National Map number 1273, Biasca
Owner: Filovia Malvaglia SA
Opening times: please visit

The recently renovated Ristoro Sass Malt is the source of pride of the new management. Situated at an altitude of 1,400 metres above sea level, just a short way from the cable car arrival station, it offers breathtaking views over the Blenio Valley and the snow-covered mountains of the area.
The restaurant, built in 1996, was entirely renovated to offer the customers a place to rest and eat suitable to the necessities of today. The owners wanted to do something to make the nearby arrival station more attractive, nonetheless keeping the main structure. There are now 35 seats inside and 30 on the outdoor terrace. The first floor interiors have also been modernised, and there are 10 beds ready for whoever wants to stay at the Ristoro Sass Malt.

Capanna Quarnei

Number of seats: 50, number of beds: 58

Altitude: 2,107 metres above sea level
Location: Malvaglia Valley

Coordinates: 721.700 / 148.075
Map: 1:25.000, National Map number 1253, Olivone
Owner: SABB (Società Alpinistica Bassa Blenio), 6713 Malvaglia
Opening times: always open

Capanna Quarnei lies at the foot of the highest peak in Ticino, the Reinwaldhorn (Mt. Adula, 3402), and enjoys an unparalleled view on the still very much virgin Malvaglia Valley. It is reacheable on foot starting from the Dagro cableway station (4h) or from the parking area in Cusié (1h30) and it is the starting point for different hikes to alpine lakes or to various peaks, including several three-thousanders. From the Capanna Quarnei you can climb the Adula peak (3402 mt.) taking for example the «Via Valle Malvaglia» (4h, T6) or else the «Via dell'Amicizia” (5h, rock climbing). You can also reach other Huts (Capanna Adula UTOE and CAS, Motterascio, Bovarina, Scaletta, Terry) and start trekks through the Valle di Blenio and the Greina. The architecture of the Capanna Quarnei is of particular interest. It has 58 beds available in dorms and offers half pension at a moderate price from June through October, with special offers for groups and families. At lunch you can savour delicious meals: homemade typical regional dishes (such as gnocchi, polenta, lasagna, alp cheese or cakes) prepared with local organic products.

Capanna Prou
Number of seats: 20, number of beds: 12

Altitude: 2,015 metres above sea level
Location: Malvaglia Valley
Coordinates: 720.020/143.950
Map: 1:25.000, National Map number 1273, Biasca
Owner: Associazione Amici della Valle Malvaglia
Telefono: NO telephone
Opening times: always open
Bookings: or
Marina Righenzi: +41 79 353 9628
Athos Varinelli: +41 79 444 3553

The Capanna Prou, opened in 1999, is the result of the conversion of a stone-made farmstead. The interiors, composed of two floors and a mezzanine, are made of wood. There is a dining hall for 20 people, gas and wood kitchen stoves fitted with utensils. The beds are divided in two rooms with indoors toilets and shower (hot water with wood boiler). There’s an outdoor terrace with a table and a fountain. Wood heating, running water, solar panels, wool blankets: the Capanna Prou offers you comfort even at 2,015 metres above sea level. Drinks are available even if the hut manager is absent.
The magnificent landscape around the village centre of Dagro is the starting point for great hikes like the one for the Piancabella or the Simano. These peaks overlook the area and allow the hikers to have a spectacular view of the Adula. Only an hour away from Dagro, on the paved road that leads to the Malvaglia Valley, there is a rock face allowing face climbing, with more than 50 routes, all equipped with bolts. The name of this place is Muncréch, coordinates 719.450 – 140.900.

Ristoro Alpino La Fürbeda, Dandrio
Number of beds: 12

The restaurant is located in Dandrio, Valle Malvaglia, 13 km from the town of Malvaglia (Serravalle).
Following the mountain road, passing through Canè and Madra, it takes about 30-35 minutes by car.
It is located in a quiet, sunny area and enjoys a splendid view of the Fürbeda waterfall carrying the same name.
It has 25 outdoor seats and 25 indoor seats, a room with 8 beds and one with 4 beds.

Home cooking.
Private parlking available nearby.
Animals allowed.
Open May to October.